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The Eye Doctor

Did I mention that my Primary Care Physician thought that I needed an eye exam?  Well, he did.  That and a colonoscopy.  Yeah, that’s from a different dude and a different story.

So I sit in the chair and a Technician starts the testing with a vision test.  There’s a nice eye chart on the wall and I start in.  I read a couple of rows and so the Tech skips a row and we go straight to the hard stuff.  I struggle with the first couple of characters then I nail a couple and then I get completely stuck on the last one.  Hmmm, ahh, ohhh, ummmm.  You get the idea.  Well, the Tech apparently gets tired of waiting and for some reason is reluctant to call the test due to darkness so it says “it’s a number.”  Wow.  We test the other eye and in the process never get to the same line instead stopping on the previously skipped line.

Later, when the Doc and I are discussing the results the subject of my 20-20 vision comes up as demonstrated by the fact that I don’t wear glasses.  Does it count that my readers are hanging in plain sight from my shirt collar? Apparently not.  Did I mention that not only do I not have 20-20 vision but that I haven’t had 20-20 vision in four of five years?  I’m still trying to decide just how much credence I should place in my eye exam.

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