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YAOS: Yet Another Operating System

I tend to try to simplify my life whenever possible.  I enjoy the Unix way of life: never do anything a second time if you can copy it from the first time.  What I’m trying to say is that I definitely haven’t done that here and may have, in fact, lost my way.

I obviously haven’t been paying attention recently because if I had I would have noticed before now that I’m supporting at least six operating systems in my daily life.  1) I sit in front of an XP desktop at my day job; 2) most of the people at my day job are running Windows 7; 3) my laptop (yesterday) was running Slackware Linux (as is, 4) my semi-archeaic phone is running Maemo, a Debian-based Linux distribution, 5) my wife is sporting an iPad running iOS 5.1.1, and 6) today I’m typing this on a brand new 13″ Mac Book Pro running OS X Lion.  For grins, we deliver (at the day job) products on a Linux platform and also on a Windows Server 2008 platform.  Our infrastructure servers at work are a mixture of CentOS and Scientific Linux.

What the hell?  You only live once, right?


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