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mySQL tricks

 Setting Up the Initial MySQL Privileges After installing MySQL, you set up the initial access privileges by running scripts/mysql_install_db. The mysql_install_db script starts up the mysqld server, then initializes the grant tables to contain the following set of privileges: The MySQL root user is created as a superuser who can do anything.  Connections must be […]

YAOS: Yet Another Operating System

I tend to try to simplify my life whenever possible.  I enjoy the Unix way of life: never do anything a second time if you can copy it from the first time.  What I’m trying to say is that I definitely haven’t done that here and may have, in fact, lost my way. I obviously […]

Since none of my buddies believe me….

Maybe they will believe someone else.  You are not in Kansas anymore. Check out this article: Oh, and the CBS show “Person of Interest” is total fiction with no base in reality.  



Gad Zooks!  We’re going old school with “cracked” instead of “hacked” but the bottom line is that the wiki got defaced.  Looking back I now see four clues that I should have heeded.  Not all are related but they are all clues. May 31: I start with our DLS provider to get the reverse DNS […]