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Not Again! Cracked! Well, at least defaced…

WordPress has been kicking my a$$ recently.  First at Cordell and now on – either defaced or spamming with an ancient captcha. Let’s chat about Cordell first.  We had some guys build a WordPress site maybe five years ago and it seemed to work okay.  We were using a couple (alright, maybe just one) […]

Jolla or iPhone…

I’ve been talking about nabbing a Jolla phone since they incubated from Nokia but I can’t wait any longer.  The wait has been measured in years not weeks or months and when they indiegogo’d their tablet I cried.  At home I’m surrounded by Apple products to the point that my Nokia N900 is the only […]

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How do you spell VLAN?

It happens that I know how to spell VLAN but I can’t really use it in a sentence (other than this one) so I have been thinking that it might be time to learn.  I am surrounded by Customers that use VLANs with my equipment and we even talk about this VLAN or that VLAN […]

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