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Mostly electronic in nature. Like phones and televisions

Jolla or iPhone…

I’ve been talking about nabbing a Jolla phone since they incubated from Nokia but I can’t wait any longer.  The wait has been measured in years not weeks or months and when they indiegogo’d their tablet I cried.  At home I’m surrounded by Apple products to the point that my Nokia N900 is the only […]

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Nokia N900, part deux

It has been two years since I got this bad actor and it continues to serve me well.   I can remember all of my important appointments, find anyone with whom I’ve ever spoken with and their phone number, send and receive pictures, Skype with my Mother (Wait!  She doesn’t have a computer!) log into any […]

Since none of my buddies believe me….

Maybe they will believe someone else.  You are not in Kansas anymore. Check out this article: Oh, and the CBS show “Person of Interest” is total fiction with no base in reality.  


N900 from Nokia

I’m sporting a new phone.  Since Palm doesn’t seem to have a big future I figured that this might be a good time to jump ship and step into the 21st century.  I’ve had a Palm Pilot, a Visor, a Treo 90 (still no phone), and finally a Treo 600, complete with a phone bolted […]