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Fire Season in So Cal

When I’m sitting at my desk at work I’m about a half mile north of the runways at Brackett Field.  Too bad that I’m facing the wrong (North) way.  Over the years we’ve had some interesting visitors including the 44th President of the United States and right up there with Barak’s entourage is the interesting list of inhabitants and visitors that we see coming and going.

Enter fire season in Southern California.  We usually need to have our brush cleared by the first of May so while that is probably not the official start date my guess is that it’s pretty close.  The fire season runs through late October when it finally starts to cool off in the evenings.  Here in La Verne we back right up the Angeles National Forest and we’re kind of halfway between the Cleveland National Forest and the Padre National Forest, both of which are home to some pretty nice homes and garner a lot of attention when they catch on fire.  All of this is leading us somewhere, if only I could remember where.  Just kidding!  We’re going to look at some cool pictures of fire helicopters that I’ve collected.